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Global Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
« on: June 18, 2015, 05:19:39 pm »
Global Rules for Cocoppaplay Forum

General Rules
  • Be respectful of your fellow members. Any harassment or unbecoming behaviour will not be tolerated. If mods see you hurting another member, you will receive a warning. You have a limited amount of warnings before you go on probation. If you seem to have not learned how to properly behave, you will be banned. If after being banned, you prove to us you have truly learned your lesson, you will be unbanned but restricted. With time, those restrictions can be lifted.
  • Be mature. Members' ages with vary but everyone must act with some degree of maturity. Do not type like a child, do not get in arguments like a child, do not act like a child. Doing so with cause involvement of mods.
  • Cursing is allowed but do not go overboard. Keep the profanity to a minimum. Do not curse people out or make every other word a curse. It is distasteful and rude.

Posting Rules
  • Do not double post. If you forgot to add something in your comment, just click "modify" to add it in. If you double post, you will be scolded by a mod.
  • Do not post in harsh font colors. It is distracting and hurts other people's eyes.
  • Use proper grammar. We do not want to have to decipher what you are trying to say. Capitalization may not have dire importance but proper spelling and punctuation does.
  • Be mindful of what you are posting. Think about what you are going to say and decide whether it is important, if it is respectful, if it is offensive, and if it follows all the rules. If you are unsure about posting something, request the assistance of a mod.
  • Do not post anything NSFW in this forum. Nothing with genitals, sexual nature, breasts, gore, or heavy violence. This will not be tolerated and will cause an immediate response by a mod.

Avatar and Signature Rules
  • Avatars should be no larger than 125 x 125. Please do not put anything crude or offensive as your avatar. Nothing NSFW, whether that be nudity or gore. Please do not make your avatar obnoxious or harmful to others' eyes, like a gif with lots of flashing or a quick loop. Basically, just be mindful of everyone else who has to see it.
  • The same rules for your avatar apply to your signature. Nothing obscene or obnoxious. Also, do not make your signature ridiculously long. Images and text in total should be no longer than 200 pixels. Mods will be on the look out for those who don't abide by this and will request of you to fix it at once. If you do not, we will simply remove your signature until you abide.

  • Already slightly discussed in the general rules, bad behaviour will result in punishment by the mods. We may let little things slip if you are a good member but heavier crimes will not be tolerated.
  • Five official warnings from mods is the maximum any member can have. At the fifth, probation will be placed on your account. If we don't see improvement, you will be banned.
  • Probation is when you will not be allowed to post in the forum. You may PM people. Mods will work with you and talk through the problems you've been having to try to resolve the issue.
  • Bans are pretty obvious. You won't be able to post, PM, nadda. If you really want to come back to the site, you must email the head admin who will work with you to see if you are worthy to return. You will have some restrictions and will be closely watched by the mods.
  • Permanent bans will go to those who are completely unwilling to be a responsible member in the forums. These are members who like to troll and harass just because they find it funny and who do not want to be a legitimate member of out community. They will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

These rules are subject to update over time.

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